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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer resulting from asbestos exposure?  You are not alone.  We are here to help you fight these deadly diseases.  Did you know that there are billions of dollars available for victims of asbestos exposure set aside in trust funds?  You can use this money to help pay for doctor bills and medical treatment, and help provide financial security for your family.  You don't need to step into a courtroom or go to trial to collect this money.   Mesothelioma Lawyer Ontario CA

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What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a class of minerals that are found in sedimentary deposits around the world.  

What is mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos.  

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Mesothelioma Lawyer Ontario CA

When we hear the word 'nutrition', it's usually associated with dieting or the fitness fanatic groups of people. It's something that we know should be good but we often overlook the true importance of proper nutrition, especially when it comes to dealing with illness. The old saying “you get out what you put in” holds true for nutrition. Food is the source of energy, vitamins, protein, and everything that allows our body to function at its best. If you put healthy food into your body, you get the best health and performance out of it.

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Handling the tough treatments for mesothelioma can be draining on the body. The physical stress of surgical procedures and recovery, the harsh side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and the symptoms of the cancer can all do a number on the body and weaken it. The patients that handle both the cancer and the treatments the best are those that are in otherwise good health. Maintaining proper nutrition is vital to staying as healthy as possible and enabling the body to bounce back from the rigors of treatment.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Ontario CA

​​Aside from maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, dietary supplements can be used to fill in nutritional gaps. Some supplements may actually aid in the cancer treatment as well. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are anti-inflammatory and since inflammation is linked to both the formation of cancers and the progression, it may be able to assist standard treatment. They have been seen in studies to help stop the spread of certain cancers.  Another class of dietary supplements that may improve the effectiveness of treatment are antioxidants, such as coenzyme Q10 and green tea. Antioxidants may help battle cancer cells but this theory is now debated due to a study that show a potential negative effect on hindering cancer. However, they do protect healthy cells and can be useful for limiting the damage to non-cancerous cells caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Fiber has a few anti-cancer properties as well. It causes food to digest at a slow pace, which restricts any spikes of glucose and instead causes a gradual release instead. Cancer cells feed on glucose so avoiding glucose spikes after meals can aid in slowing down cancer growth by not giving it much to feed off it.

Asbestos Lawyer Ontario California

Healthy changes in diet can help control the side effects of mesothelioma treatment. Staying well hydrated, avoiding greasy foods, and being sure to get the adequate amount of nutrients can lower the severity of some of the side effects, as well as help recover from surgery quickly. While all dietary supplements are natural, a doctor should still be consulted before adding any into a diet because some supplements can interfere with treatment. Some treatment plans include dietary restriction so any drastic changes in diet should be also be evaluated by a doctor or a nutritionist.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Ontario CA

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